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Real Estates -The Safest Investment

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In case you are thinking of buying a property as an investment you should study different information in order to decide correctly. The right combination of research and information will make the difference between an investment and a good investment. You should not just rely on the philosophy of the property’s position. For a proper investment you must consider its performance as well.

The increase of property’s value that would come over time will give us a clearer picture that our investment is advantageous. The Cyprus Association of Estate Agent Entrepreneurs with the legal, registered real estate agents, pay particular attention to the proper promotion of your property which includes market analysis, professional presentation of your property, registration of your property in print and electronic mass media as well as continuous market research for the property prices.

The property in every case is an investment of capital which over time has shown to have positive returns while property prices will go up over time by increasing the ROI (Return on Investment). This period is the best to buy a property because very soon the tendency to increase the prices of real estates will change.

There are some factors that determine how quickly and at what price your property will be sold. You cannot check some of them, but some others are in your hands and you can modify them for your advantage. They are all important for selling your property. Consider everything you can change with your intervention and then discuss and estimate together with your real estate agent.

What you cannot change:

The market
The real estate market is what it is and no one can do anything about it. Its picture changes and you should reconsider your position on the sale of your property. Surely you cannot change the property market, but you can change the way you experience and react to it.

Competing properties
You will notice that there are other properties for sale in your area other than your own and you should study these competing properties. Knowing the competition very well, the selling prices, the condition of the properties and the availability period, you have a significant advantage in the negotiations during the sales process.

Location-Size-Features of a property
Accept the features of your property even if it has a disadvantage and view them as advantages. For example, if a road is a problem for some buyers, it may be required for others, such as for offices, clinics, etc. Your cooperation with the real estate agent will help you understand all these issues.

What you can change:

Cooperation with a registered real estate agent
For each transaction there are numerous documents, requirements, checks which should be made and only a real estate agent can perform these easily and conveniently for you. Your property must have the maximum promotion to attract as many buyers and have a quick and easy sale, something that a professional real estate agent definitely achieves.

Sales price
A property for sale in Cyprus has the largest demand from potential buyers in the first weeks that come on the property market. Setting a high price in the beginning may not easily help you to sell the property as it will drive away many buyers who will consider it overpriced. The property market is dynamic and constantly changing. The real estate agent knows it and will help you find the right and documented assessment of your property.

Property Condition-Appearance

The condition of a property is very important in the sales process. The first impression of the buyer should not be negative. The image of a carefully prepared real estate brings you closer to winning the purchaser and succeeding a quick sale at the best price.
The Cyprus Association of Estate Agent Entrepreneurs states that the committal of your property to a registered real estate agent who has the knowledge and the necessary training to manage your property, will achieve a better selling price,a targeted advertising and the negotiation will be done by specialists thus covering the commission and offering extra profit to you.
The economic crisis ‘gives birth’ to opportunities and the association stresses that now is the best time for a secure investment in real estates.