Marinos Kineyirou Real Estate Agents

Our Services

What we can do for you:

  • Provide freely our services for everyone interested in purchasing or renting property.
  • Help with the following property types and categories:
    • Apartments and studios
    • Houses, penthouses, villas
    • Business
    • Lands
    • Hotels
    • Shops
    • Offices
    • Factories
    • Plots
  • Give expert advice and guidance about estates in Cyprus
  • Secure and legal financing
  • Advertise your property for sale and rent
  • Take care and maintain your property when you are abroad
  • Property insurance is guaranteed
  • Constant supervision of properties (reconstruction, repair, interior design)
  • Furnishing your property at factory prices
  • Provide all the information you need about properties across Cyprus without wasting your time looking for data
  • Legal procedures
  • Help with any Cypriot institutions of the government and permission of residence
  • Assistance with Cyprus banking and legal systems
  • Facilities: transportation, telecommunication, electricity etc.
  • Arrange the creation and registration of companies in Cyprus.
  • Inform and guide our investors regarding their residence in Cyprus.

Why to choose us? Our Advantages:

  • Reliability and Trustworthiness
  • Professional experience since 1990
  • Respect and care for our clients
  • Guarantee of a profitable investment- either buying or selling.
  • Publication of articles to inform about various issues on real estates and properties.
  • Research for the best choice available to fulfill our clients’ needs and interests.