Visit Cyprus and discover the various investment opportunities

Tour Visit to Cyprus

cyprus real estate tour

Arranging an inspection visit in Cyprus is very important and useful for your future investment. The main reason is to allow yourselves to see a variety of properties that are available, and decide which one suits your interests and budget the most. Our professional staff can provide you with all the information you need about the properties that you are interested in as well as about your temporary residence in Cyprus.


  1. To book an inspection visit please contact with Marinos Kineyirou Estates Agencies Ltd office by clicking here
  2. We can arrange a short term rental or book a hotel of your choice and provide you with all the bookings details
  3. Arrive in Cyprus and be welcomed by our consultant
  4. Be informed about the properties which are available and match your requirements
  5. Visit properties and locations of your choice
  6. Arrange legal and financial aspects and complete the transaction.

*Please note that during your trip you will not feel any kind of pressure and you are not committed to buy a property. We respect and support our clients’ decisions and needs.

Our services:

  • Give expert advice and guidance about estates in Cyprus
  • Provide all the information you need about properties across Cyprus without wasting your time looking for data
  • Arrange the creation and registration of companies in Cyprus.
  • Legal procedures
  • Help with any Cypriot institutions of the government and permission of residence
  • Provide freely our services for everyone interested in purchasing or renting property.
  • Facilities: transportation, telecommunication, electricity etc.
  • Secure and legal financing
  • Advertise your property for sale and rent
  • Take care and maintain your property when you are abroad
  • Facilities: transportation, telecommunication, electricity etc.
  • Constant supervision of properties (reconstruction, repair, interior design)
  • Furnishing your property at factory prices
  • Assistance with Cyprus banking and legal systems.
  • Inform and guide our investors regarding their residence in Cyprus.