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Company Formation

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Our professional experts are willing to undertake the registration and formation of your company in Cyprus. A formation of companies in Cyprus as a legal entity should be registered under the provisions of the Cyprus Companies Law, CAP 113.

The following particulars are necessary for the formation of company:

Naming the company
The very first step you need to take to register your company is of course to choose a name for it that is not similar to any other existing name of a company. The naming will be later confirmed by the Registration Chamber.

Registration of company
After the approval of your company’s name, the registration process begins and it is estimated to take 4-8 working days.

Your company should have at least one registered shareholder who needs to give the following information:

    • Full name and nationality
    • Address
    • Profession
    • Copy of passport
    • CV (Curriculum Vitae)

Directors and Secretary
It is recommended that your company must have at least one director and also a secretary who will follow the director’s instructions. They too, should provide the information mentioned above.

Registered office
Every company should have a registered office.

It is important to add that all companies pay the corporate tax of 10% and Cyprus is one of the countries that have the lowest corporate tax in Europe which attracts more and more investors to form a company in Cyprus. Also, any European or non-European citizens can easily start their business in Cyprus.